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11 Worst Features Of Windows 11 And How To Fix Them

Every few weeks the tablet would refuse to wake from sleep mode and I’d have to go through an elaborate set of steps to force the thing to do a hard shutdown and power-on. I stopped using my Dell Venue 8 Pro a couple years ago because Windows 8.1 just didn’t deliver as reliable and satisfying a tablet experience as iOS did on my iPads. It took a lot of research and experimentation to upgrade my tablet, so I decided to compile all my notes and observations in one place to save other Venue 8 owners the trouble. One of the first things you should do after installing Windows 10 on the VM is to test the local network and Internet connection.

  • Yet another Windows 11 problem relates to memory leaks.
  • The features are easy to use since the information on how to use it is provided that is easy to interpolate.
  • After this, you can choose to install proprietary multimedia codecs such as drivers to watch DVDs.
  • Below those apps is a “Recommended” section showing recently opened files and apps.

Widgets is one of the major new additions within Windows 11, a gargantuan drawer of news and information that slides out from the left-hand-side of the screen at the click of its Taskbar icon. Like many other things in Windows 11, the Widgets drawer isn’t resizeable. After the death of My People, Microsoft’s latest effort to connect you with your friends via your PC is Chat , which lives in your Taskbar right next to the File Explorer folder icon. It’s slow, unnecessary, and the privacy implications are somewhat unsettling, too.

Use Media Creation Tool To Create Windows 10 Install Usb Stick

This means that users might be adversely affected by security flaws in the absence of drivers and security updates. Another great security option that you must use on your PC is a firewall and network protection. Windows Security enables you to monitor and control network security with Microsoft Defender Firewall settings. You can open the Windows Security app and go to the Firewall & network protection tab. From here, you can enable the firewall on Domain, Private, and Public networks.

It also lets you mark up your image with a pen or highlighter. Snip & Sketch does all that and adds cropping, a ruler, and a pencil. One can also use the Alt + PrtScn keyboard shortcut to take a quick screenshot of the active window.

How Can You Use An Ipad As A Second Screen On Your Macbook Or Imac?

The keyboard and mouse inputs weren’t recognized which prohibited us from working around the error. If you have any solutions regarding this or anything at all, feel free to leave a response. If you want to uninstall the boot loader, it’s relatively easy.

Choose Your Installer Format

Now press Ctrl+Sto save the captured screenshot on your PC. Pressing thePrtScn key copies your desktop core_dll screen to the clipboard. Probably this is one of the best shortcuts that you can use to capture a screenshot, assuming that you havePrtScn key in your Keyboard. Then you can select the portion of your screen to take a screenshot, and it will be saved on your clipboard. All HP computers are using Windows or Chrome operating systems. The easiest way to take screenshots on HP computer is via a simple keyboard click, like PrtSc key on Windows laptop keyboard.

The method above requires you to paste the image into an image editing tool before you can save it into PNG/JPG file. If you are lazy enough to do so, you can opt to this second method. Simply press Windows+Print Screen keys and Windows 10 will start capturing the screen. The screenshot will be saved inScreenshots folder under the Pictures folder on your account. If you want to access the Snip app without keyboard shortcuts, click the start menu and start typing Snip.

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